Apprenticeship Qualifications

Qualifications Necessary for an Applicant to be considered for a Pipe Trades Apprenticeship:

  1. Must be at least 18 year of age, unless a high school graduate at age 17.
  2. Must complete an apprenticeship application form (see below) and return it with the following:
    • A high school diploma and transcript or high school equivalency (HSED) certificate and official report of test results
    • Military transfer of discharge Form DD-214 or DD-2384, if applicable
    • Valid driver’s license
  3. Successfully complete and pass a required math, algebra and reading test.
  4. Applicants may be required to obtain a doctor’s certificate of physical fitness for the trade at the time of placement.
  5. Applicant will be required to successfully pass a drug test before being offered an apprenticeship contract.


All applications are available at: