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Industry Fund

$2000 Scholarship

The Mechanical Contractors Association of North Central Wisconsin Industry Fund is again offering a scholarship program, which will provide two $2000 Scholarships for sons or daughters of members of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 400.

The Industry Fund’s purpose is to do things that are beneficial for the industry, and the board feels this is one important step in that process.

If you have questions regarding the following information, please contact Kelly at the Association office:

Mechanical Contractors Association of North Central Wisconsin, Inc.
3315 N. Ballard Road, Suite D
Appleton, WI  54911-8988

(920) 734-3148
toll-free 1-877-625-8304
(920) 734-6754 Fax


  1. Eligible applicants are those who are sons or daughters of members in good standing of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 400, and who have not won previously.
  2. Applicants must rank in the upper one-half of their graduating class to be eligible to apply.
  3. Selection is competitive and will be based on:
    1. Academic standing of student during four years in high school.
    2. College entrance examination scores.
    3. Extra Curricular activities and leadership.
    4. Character reference and other pertinent factors.
  4. Awardee may attend any accredited college or university of own choice in the United States and may choose any course of study, but must be enrolled in a full-time program and maintain a full credit hours schedule.
  5. Scholarship will be awarded for one year only, and an individual can only win once.
  6. The award will be made payable to the selected applicant, or deposited with the college or university of his or her choice after having been accepted for admission.
  7. Applicants shall submit a complete application within the specified deadlines to receive consideration for scholarship and must include a transcript of high school grades covering six full semesters.
  8. A one-page explanation covering his or her career plans and goals is to be submitted with the student’s application form.
  9. Applications are to be submitted on forms provided by the Mechanical Contractors Association of North Central Wisconsin Industry Fund, Inc.  These forms will be sent on request from the employer or the Association office.
  10. In judging scholarship applications, the Awards Committee shall select a first and second alternate.

Deadline to apply: October 31
Application Form is available (See Rule 9) on Student Request from the Employer or the Association Office (920) 734-3148 or download the PDF by clicking here.

 United Association Scholarship


UA Scholarship Fund Information

We are pleased to announce that the United Association Scholarship Trust Fund is gearing up for the 2017-2018 academic year scholarship awards. The fund benefits UA members and their dependents (please see criteria in the detailed instructions found with the application). Up to 112 scholarships totaling as much as $200,000 will be awarded this year. Scholarships range from $1,250 to $5,000 each. The deadline for submitting applications is June 15, 2017.

Each application includes detailed instructions on everything a student needs to do in order to apply. Completed applications, including all required documentation, should be sent to:

Patrick H. Kellett
General Secretary-Treasurer
UA Scholarship Trust Fund Office
Three Park Place
Annapolis, MD 21401

Scholarship recipients from the Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 academic year may, at their option, apply by completing only the “Previous (2016-2017 Academic Year) Award Recipient” application (found on the UA web site at and providing their most recent official grade transcript along with a certification from the educational institution that the applicant remains in good academic standing with no disciplinary actions brought against them. Unofficial grade transcripts (including self-generated computer grade printouts or class schedules) will not be accepted as a substitute for the official grade transcript from the registrar’s office of the educational institution. However, UA scholarships do not automatically renew each year, and receiving an award in one year does not guarantee you awards in future years. Because of this, prior year recipients may find it in their interest to complete the full length application in subsequent years to fully display their achievements.

If you were not awarded a 2016-2017* scholarship, you must apply by submitting a fully completed 2017-2018 application with all enclosures and attachments as instructed above. *Note, you must complete the full length application if you did not receive an award in the immediately preceding academic year (2016-2017), even if you received an award in an earlier year.

Awards will primarily be based on academic achievement and potential, personal achievement, and community involvement. Scholarships will be awarded without regard to race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Applications will be judged by an independent and impartial Selection Committee, comprised of distinguished members of the community. Financial need may also be considered in making awards. The Selection Committee may request information concerning the financial circumstances of applicants and use this information in the award of scholarships. Finally, because UA scholarships do not automatically renew each year, receiving an award in one year does not guarantee you awards in future years.

In addition, six scholarships will be given to six “Second Chance” applicants. Those selected will be students whose academic achievement is not the best in their region, but rather students who demonstrate that they want another chance at an education that will help them get a good paying job.

We would like to thank everyone for the support to the Fund, and look forward to awarding our next round of scholarships to our deserving UA students.

Deadline to apply: June 15, 2017

Full Application for 2017-2018 Academic Year

Updated Application for Recipients of a 2016-2017 UA Scholarship