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Just a reminder to metal trades members that you should be tracking your hours and taking the required classes in order to advance your classification.  See the Metal Trades Advancement form.  Also, your Vacation Fund is paid to you on your paycheck.  If you want a separate account for your vacation fund to go into, you will need to advise your employer by filling out a Metal Trades Vacation Benefit Deposit Authorization Form.  Otherwise, it will go into the same account as your regular pay and you will need to check your pay stub to see how much was paid to you for your Vacation Benefit.

Benefits Classes

To Be Announced


Metal Trades Memorandum of Agreement 10-1-2018 (Signed)



Metal Trades Advancement Form (fillable)

Metal Trades Vacation Benefit Deposit Authorization Form

Metal Trades Reimbursement Form (fillable)

Next Quarterly Metal Trades Meetings

To Be Announced

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