Organizing Information

We want and need your skills

Union members represent a broad cross section of America. They come from all walks of life, in all parts of the country. They want what any American wants: Peace, Prosperity, Security and Dignity of the individual. They want these for each and every American. Wisconsin Pipe Trades members have enjoyed these items for over one hundred years.

Through collective bargaining with signatory contractors, rational and peaceful solutions are reached to industry problems–contracts that allow for safety on the job site, a fair and honest wage and benefits that cover health, retirement, and the training needs of both labor and management. The cooperative level between unions and management has never been higher. The human dignity felt by our members has never been brighter.

Becoming a union member has never been easier. Whether you are a young man or woman looking for a career in the piping industry, or an employee already working at a piping trade, we have a place for you. We, in the Wisconsin Pipe Trades, believe that all workers doing piping should have the benefits that are shared by our members. The Wisconsin Pipe Trades has established programs for bringing in new members — programs that will meet your needs, individually and also the requirements of the industry. Whatever your financial, educational, or skill level needs are, we have a program that can meet those needs.

We have, in the Wisconsin Pipe Trades, five Marketing Representatives who can explain our programs and help design a program to suit your needs.

Local 400 Organizer:

Kyle Croft