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Regardless of technology advancement, it remains true that the most important resource as a business, community and nation needs is skilled people.  Highly skilled workers drive innovation, production and advancement that is essential to high-quality life.  Engaging in work is a transformational experience for individuals that builds confidence when exposed to the realities of employment through mentors, role models and new environments.  Local 400’s Youth Apprenticeship Program and Entry Level opportunities offer individuals a variety of comprehensive experiences on the job and in the classroom designed to give them the opportunity to grow, develop, plan, execute and transition to a meaningful, lucrative, and productive career and grow their communities. 

Local 400 offers the following 5-Year Apprenticeship Training Programs: 

  • Fabricator (Welder)  
  • HVAC/R Service Technician 
  • Plumber 
  • Steamfitter

The Apprenticeship Program combines formal job-related classroom learning with structured on-the-job learning from skilled tradespeople; it is a contract overseen by the Department of Workforce Development’s Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards.  Approximately 90% of the training occurs on-the-job and only 10% occurs in the classroom.  That being said, a job must exist at one of our Signatory Contractors for the Apprentice to be trained.   

Per their State Contract, Apprentices are required to complete On-The-Job Training Hours: 8,000 hours, Paid Related Classroom Instruction: 500+ Hours, and Unpaid Related Classroom Instruction: 300+ Hours.   

 Many years after finishing a construction project, craftspeople are proud of the fact that they played an important part in completing the project, whether that be a hospital, power plant, paper mill or residence. There is no limit to where this career may lead. 

Unlike college, an apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to make a living wage while you are learning a skilled trade. At the end of the five-year program, the Apprentice’s earning power often far exceeds that of most college graduates. 

As training progresses and skill levels increase, Apprentices are guaranteed to receive increases to their base wage rate and total wage package.  An Apprentice will earn over $275,000 in base rate wages (take home wages) throughout their five-year apprenticeship program; fringe benefits (health insurance, pension, etc.) are paid above and beyond the take home wages.  As a total wage package, including fringe benefits, an Apprentice will earn over $470,000 throughout their five-year apprenticeship.   

A Journeyworker earns $41.96 in take home wages per hour equaling annual take home wages over $87,000.  The total hourly wage package, including fringe benefits, equals $62.99 per hour, equaling an annual salary over $135,000. 

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