Youth Apprenticeship Program Details

Local 400 and our signatory contractors participate in the State of Wisconsin Youth Apprenticeship Program (  This Program allows students to explore a career in the Pipe Trades as a part of the student’s regular high school schedule and/or for regular seasonal (summer) employment.  Through Local 400, students are able to achieve educational outcomes that align with employer requirements to bridge the gap between school and work; this brings work relevance to the student’s education, and the student gains insight into attainable pipe trades career opportunities available through Local 400.

There are approximately 128 high schools within Local 400’s Jurisdiction that covers much of the Northeast Wisconsin; to be eligible to participate in Local 400’s Youth Apprenticeship Program, the student’s home and/or school are required to be located inside of Local 400’s jurisdiction.    Students should communicate with their school’s Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator, whether in-person or third party, to assist in determining the student’s Youth Apprenticeship of choice, adjust school schedule, and direct the student through the administrative part of the process.  For further information, please contact DJ Kloida at

Similar to a Registered Apprenticeship, a placement must be open at one of our signatory contractors for the Youth Apprentice to be hired and trained.  There are approximately 100 signatory contractors that specialize in industrial and commercial types of work; a few signatory contractors perform residential work as well.

As a Youth Apprentice at Local 400, students are eligible to enroll in and complete courses offered online or in-person at our Kaukauna or Fond du Lac Training Facility locations.  Topics offered through Local 400 are all job related; common courses for Youth Apprentices include, but are not limited to:

  1. Basic Math
  2. Use & Care of Tools/Local 400 Shop
  3. Union 101: United Association (UA) & Labor History
  4. Construction Safety OSHA 30 Certification
  5. First Aid/CPR/AED Certification
  6. Welding

If a student is hoping to secure an apprenticeship post-graduation, they could receive credit for courses 1 through 5 towards their Unpaid Related Training hours required as a part of their Apprenticeship State Contract after being awarded an apprenticeship, pending approval by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC).

To ensure all students have access to a promising career, DJ Kloida, Local 400’s Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator,, is the liaison between schools, students, contractors, and the state.  Feel free to contact him with any questions you may have.