Apprenticeship Programs

Earn While You Learn!

Unlike college, an apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to make a living wage while you are learning a skilled trade. At the end of the five-year program, the apprentice’s earning power often far exceeds that of most college graduates.

Job Satisfaction

A career in the skilled trades gives an individual satisfaction of a job “well done”. Many years after finishing a construction project, craftspeople are proud of the fact that they played an important part in completing the project, whether that be a hospital, power plant, paper mill or residence. There is no limit to where this career may lead. You may even decide to own your own company some day.

The Opportunities Are Endless!

As a plumber, steamfitter (construction), steamfitter service or pipe fabrication apprentice, you will be paid while you learn. In addition, you will receive health benefits, on- the-job training and night classroom instruction during the winter and spring semesters.

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