Local 400 offers its membership continued education opportunities through their respective training programs, including Journeyworker training and certifications in specialized areas of their trade. Industry-recognized certifications available include CFC recovery, medical gas installation, valve repair, backflow prevention (repair & installation), rigging and numerous weld procedures. 

Here are a few weld procedure certifications we offer: 

  • GTAW (TIG Welding Tests): UA15, UA25, UA67 
  • GTAW / SMAW (Tig Root and Hot Pass, Stick Remainder): UA22, UA63 
  • SMAW (Stick Welding Tests): UA21, UA60 
  • GMAW / FCAW (Mig Root, Flux Core Remainder): UA17, UA36 
  • Wisconsin State Structural Welding Certifications in all processes 
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