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What is Organizing?

The common term for an individual or group of workers looking to join a union is “Organizing”. Workers organize for various reasons: improve their working conditions, increase their pay or benefits, create a better working environment, etc.  We encourage you to read more about us to see if joining our union is right for you and/or your coworkers. 

Now Recruiting Experience-Qualified, Skilled Workers


We are currently seeking skilled, qualified combination pipe welders across our eighteen-county region who can pass an in-position, 6G pipe test with the following processes: Heli-Arc, Stick and Mig/Flux-Core. 

HVAC/R Technicians:

We are currently seeking experienced craftsmen that are familiar with all aspects of the HVAC craft across our eighteen-county region. General responsibilities for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR). This would include the installation and maintenance of all sizes of heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. Some job specific applications include complete gas piping installations, high voltage electrical components, testing/balancing/analyzing and start-up of different types of systems.


We are currently seeking Wisconsin state licensed and qualified plumbers for various projects across our eighteen-county region.


We are currently seeking qualified steamfitters/pipefitters and instrumentation technicians for various projects across our eighteen-county region.

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Career Opportunities

It is about finding the career that is right for you.  Local 400 members use a wide variety of skills to deliver projects in every area of commercial, industrial, and residential work while employed at one of our signatory contractors.  We have positions available for individuals who have a high school diploma, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, etc. as well as to those with 30 years or more of industry related experience. The companies we provide manpower for may vary from a two-person shop to larger contractors who well exceed 500+ employees, all of which are offered the same great pay and benefits including pension, 401k, healthcare, etc.  Whether large or small, Local 400 members approach every project with the same goal: 

Deliver it right, the first time, every time. 

We will help you reach these career opportunities and offer a multitude of fields to choose from: pipe fabricating/welding, plumbing, steamfitting or HVAC/R service technician. 

When you become a Local 400 member, we promise to deliver the highest quality of training to keep your skills up to date so you can deliver the best product. No other organization serves the training needs of the piping industry, period. Over the past several decades, our training programs have produced a stable, skilled workforce responsible for building and maintaining piping systems in the various industrial, commercial and residential facilities that make up the North American landscape.

Local 400’s Promise

You can have a future with promise…Are you receiving these benefits where you are currently employed?

You can have a future with promise…Are you receiving these benefits where you are currently employed? 

  1. Pension Plan that will allow you to retire with peace of mind and live comfortably
  2. Health and Welfare Insurance Plan
  3. Scholarship Fund that is open to all members’ children
  4. Life Insurance Policy
  5. Free College Benefit for you and family members to earn associate’s and/or bachelor’s degrees (
  6. Wages and working conditions that you should receive as a skilled tradesperson
  7. Continuing Education provided to you at no cost to update your skills throughout your career
  8. Ability to travel throughout the United States and Canada for employment
  9. State-Affiliated Apprenticeship Programs = Earn while you learn
  10. Job safety, excellence and productivity

35 Things Your Employer Cannot Do:

  1. Attend any union meeting, park across the street from the hall or engage in any undercover activity which would indicate that the employees are being kept under surveillance to determine who is and who is not participating in the union program.
  2. Tell employees that the company will fire or punish them if they engage in union activity.
  3. Lay off, discharge, discipline any employee for union activity.
  4. Grant employees wage increases, special concessions or benefits in order to keep the union out.
  5. Bar employee-union representatives from soliciting employees’ memberships on or off the company property during non-waking hours.
  6. Ask employees about union matters, meetings, etc. (Some employees may, of their own accord, walk up and tell of such matters. It is not an unfair labor practice to listen, but to ask questions to obtain additional information is illegal).
  7. Ask employees what they think about the union or a union representative once the employee refuses to discuss it.
  8. Ask employees how they intend to vote.
  9. Threaten employees with reprisal for participating in union activities. For example, threaten to move the plant or close the business, curtail operations or reduce employees’ benefits.
  10. Promise benefits to employees if they reject the union.
  11. Give financial support or other assistance to a union.
  12. Announce that the company will not deal with the union.
  13. Threaten to close, in fact close, or move plant in order to avoid dealing with a union.
  14. Ask employees whether or not they belong to a union, or have signed up for union representation.
  15. Ask an employee, during the hiring interview, about his affiliation with a labor organization or how he feels about unions.
  16. Make anti-union statements or act in a way that might show preference for a non-union man.
  17. Make distinctions between union and non-union employees when signing overtime work or desirable work.
  18. Purposely team up non-union men and keep them apart from those supporting the union.
  19. Transfer workers on the basis of union affiliations or activities.
  20. Choose employees to be laid off in order to weaken the union’s strength or discourage membership in the union.
  21. Discriminate against union people when disciplining employees.
  22. By nature of work assignments, create conditions intended to get rid of an employee because of his union activity.
  23. Fail to grant a scheduled benefit or wage increase because of union activity.
  24. Deviate from company policy for the purpose of getting rid of a union supporter.
  25. Take action that adversely affects an employee’s job or pay rate because of union activity.
  26. Threaten workers or coerce them in an attempt to influence their vote.
  27. Threaten a union member through a third party.
  28. Promise employees a reward or future benefit if they decide “no union”.
  29. Tell employees overtime work (and premium pay) will be discontinued if the plant is unionized.
  30. Say unionization will force the company to lay off employees.
  31. Say unionization will do away with vacations or other benefits and privileges presently in effect.
  32. Promise employees promotions, raises or other benefits if they get out of the union or refrain from joining the union.
  33. Start a petition or circular against the union or encourage or take part in its circulation if started by employees.
  34. Urge employees to try to induce others to oppose the union or keep out of it.
  35. Visit the homes of employees to urge them to reject the union.

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